Airyn’s Statement

It has been five months since Art’s passing, and yet the pain and sorrow are still the same. My friends and family know how hard it has been for my kids and me. They have been through a lot already. We miss him every day; there is no minute we don’t think of him. Losing Art shuttered our life. Life will not be the same without him.

We’ve been depressed, even Alex (our sweet, happy boy). I did not know that even a baby can feel the loss of his Father. That was the hardest feeling I ever felt as a mother. Losing my husband, my partner and the love of my life, I help my kid’s with their feelings regardless of how bad my day is going, or how dark I feel. Even though my heart is screaming, I still have to get up, face reality and take care of my kids. Because that is what you call Life. I cannot just quit, cry, hide and sleep the day away.

Now seeing all this crap online has saddened me. I guess I should have listened to Karen’s advice about Heather from the get-go. Thanks a lot, Heather. I welcome you to my home, cooked you dinner and brought you groceries. I was doing all of that because I treated you as my friend. Some people told me not to do that because I have a lot on my plate already, and I don’t need more stress in my life. I set aside my feelings, just to help and reach out to you. I know I am nobody, and I am not Art, so you don’t get excited to answer my call or at least text me back. And to state this clearly, I never give the domain to you. I allowed you to use it, and I told you when the time comes, that I need to use it myself, and I would let you know. I will reimburse you for what you spent on the domain name, but nothing else. Please don’t use my late husband’s name for your welcome back show. It’s about time for you to start doing your own show with your own name.

And lastly, think whatever you want, but in the long run, you are just stirring things up, all you do when you spread unsubstantiated rumors is make it harder for my family and hurt us. I don’t have time for this insanity. I have two kids to raise and real-life problems to deal with.

Airyn Bell